Our Proprietary Brands

Superior Hospitality Group, LLC has a number of proprietary brands in various stages of development and operation. Restaurant designs, menus, food and drink recipes, operational manuals, staff training manuals, etc., are in place following concepts. Two additional proprietary concepts are in the early development stage – Pasion Tea & Coffee House and Yankel & Nabbie (a Jewish/Caribbean fusion deli concept).

As the popularity of the Caribbean continues to grow at an exponential rate, the more people look for the entertaining sights and sounds of the Caribbean, and the capability to experience the native foods, drinks and culture. Kafe KaliK will provide its customers the opportunity to experience the Caribbean without ever having left the USA. People of diverse backgrounds will come to enjoy the unique, tropical and innovative environment that Kafe KaliK offers.

Island Dutch Oven

Dutch Ovens are typically known as cast iron cooking pots which may appear in various shapes and sizes. In the Caribbean culture, this piece of equipment shares a significant heritage and has been a driving force in the way many dishes have been created. In the 1700’s, Dutch settlers came to the Caribbean seeking to make their homes in the “New World”.

Their communities were wide spread throughout the Caribbean, however, these cast-iron skillets/ pots “DUTCH OVENS” as we call them today – were at the center of that lifestyle regarding their cuisine. These large pots had the ability to cook a variety of dishes, withstand high temperatures and lasted a long time.

As we fast forward to today in the Caribbean culture, a few homes and small restaurants still find this equipment to be useful in cooking many dishes. Whether simmering local stews, making a soup, a “smothered” sauce or baking, the Dutch Oven is the answer to it all.

Bonefire Beach Grill is a comfortable, inviting full service restaurant concept, designed with a decor and theme that is centered on the activities that take place within the setting of a seaside bonfire. The energy and atmosphere of the restaurant draws its power from the dazzling scenery – fiery walls and sky-blue ceilings. Bonfire Beach Grill offers a comfortable, casual ambience, complete with its signature dishes. The menu features original Caribbean variations of American favorites with a tantalizing array of local and imported fresh seafood, seasoned juicy and thick steaks and prime tender ribs.

Our ribs and steaks are coated with a secret combination of flavorings and zesty spices and grilled to perfection. We also offer mouth-watering prime rib, available “Bonfire Style”, in three portion sizes. You will also find butter-roasted and seasoned chicken dishes, imaginative salads, chowders, a variety of huge burgers and hot grilled sandwiches, tender pork chops, appetizers with island inspired barbecue sauces, and flaming desserts. Beverages include an impressive wine list, micro- brew beers, and festive cocktails.

The Pasión Tea & Coffee House (Sip! Sip!)
Jack had beans that were magical; we took our “BEANS” out of the Caribbean and made them majestic! Taking unique blends of coffee beans and tea leaves from around the West Indies and the world creates a coffee and tea offering unlike any other. Flavors that offer original aromas that compare to the freshness of the breezes that blow off the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. From the islands of the Bahamas and the mountains of Jamaica and Haiti to the mountain forests of Central America and the tea plantations of the world we have carefully gathered a mixture of coffees and teas that opens ones’ taste buds to an untraveled journey through a relaxed escape to paradise. The Pasión Tea & Coffee House will also offer juices and smoothies that merge the tastes of the islands in a tropical, cool and refreshing way together with a selection of pastries and take away sandwiches and salads. Have a Cup of The Caribbean!

Pasión’s support of cultural traditions also led to an interesting and lively collection of coffee’s blended with tropical tastes to deliver a quality cup of coffee that rivals the best of gourmet java anywhere. All of our tea and coffee products are guaranteed to be Fair Trade Certified and often come with an ‘organic’ seal of approval. The company’s aim to develop high quality products that showcase the beautiful flavors of the Caribbean islands is now a reality.

Going from sourcing and manufacturing, moving to retail was the next logical step … so the Pasión Tea & Coffee House was born. Taking the unique blends of coffee beans and tea leaves from around the West Indies and the world the Pasión Tea & Coffee House has created a coffee and tea offering unlike any other coffee shop. Flavors that offer original aromas that compare to the freshness of the breezes that blow off the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

Sip! Sip!