Island Dutch Oven
Dutch Ovens are typically known as cast iron cooking pots which may appear in various shapes and sizes. In the Caribbean culture, this piece of equipment shares a significant heritage and has been a driving force in the way many of our dishes have been created.

In the 1700’s, Dutch settlers came to our shores seeking to make their homes in the “New World”. Their communities were wide spread throughout the Caribbean, however, these cast iron skillets /pots -“DUTCH OVENS” as we call it today - were at the centre of that lifestyle regarding their cuisine. The equipment had the ability to cook a variety of dishes, withstand high temperatures and lasted a long time.

As we fast forward to today in the Caribbean culture, a few homes and small restaurants still find this equipment to be useful in cooking many dishes. Whether simmering local stews, making a soup, a “smothered” sauce or baking this Dutch Oven is the answer to it all. In our Island Dutch Oven restaurants, pizzas will be one of our main featured items. This menu item will be prepared with ingredients that authenticate our original flare of flavor and cooking methods. Our dough has a blend of corn grains that brings a balance of crispiness and moisture that is second to none. In addition, our secret pizza sauce is prepared with that same old Dutch Oven style of simmering ingredients until the flavors reaches their peak of robustness. The Island Dutch Oven celebrates an old world tradition with a “New World” Island flare.

Our rotisserie chicken is rubbed with spices and then slow roasted to bring out the flavor of the islands.
Choose from Caribbean Lime Mojo or Jerk.

Our island style, dry rubbed Guava BBQ Ribs are slow cooked to perfection. This true taste of the Caribbean will have you wanting to come back for more.


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