Bonfire Beach Grill – Steaks-Seafood- Ribs
Bonfire Beach Grill is a comfortable, inviting restaurant, designed with a decor and theme that is centered on the activities that take place within the setting of a seaside bonfire. The energy and atmosphere of the restaurant draws its power from the dazzling scenery - fiery walls and sky blue ceilings.

Bonfire Beach Grill offers a comfortable, casual ambience, complete with its signature dishes. Our menu consists of fresh seafood, tender ribs and juicy thick steaks that are coated with a secret combination of island flavorings and zesty spices. The seafood is always fresh, and the ribs and steaks are grilled to perfection. We also offer mouth watering prime rib, available "Bonfire Style", in three portion sizes. You will also find butter-roasted vegetables and seasoned chicken dishes, imaginative salads, chowders, a variety of huge Bonfire burgers and grilled sandwiches, tender pork chops, appetizers with island inspired barbecue sauces, and flaming desserts.

"Our mission is to offer our customer attentive and cordial service, comfortable surroundings and a mouth-watering array of desserts but, above all, a variety of high-quality cuts of meat and seafood that will surprise even the most demanding gourmand."

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